Greenville, South Carolina – May, 14 2012 eRAD, a division of RadNet (Nasdaq: RDNT), announced today that Radiologic Associates of Northwest Indiana (RANI) of Valparaiso, Indiana, has successfully implemented eRAD’s uniRAD Global Worklist solution.

RANI’s highly sub-specialized board-certified radiologists, who provide comprehensive diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services to multiple hospitals and outpatient imaging clinics throughout northwest Indiana, found themselves faced with a problem that confronts most radiology groups today: productivity and business growth are hampered by the need to use multiple information systems for worklists, image access, and report-generation. This problem results in unequal work distribution, and often inhibits the interpretation of diagnostic images by the most appropriate sub-specialist.

Divyesh G. Patel, MD, the radiologist who led RANI’s search for a solution, comments: “Most radiology groups who cover multiple locations know what a nightmare the workflow can be. We had to use multiple worklists, multiple PACS systems, multiple dictation systems, even multiple microphones! This often forced us into workflows that were not fluid, inhibited the enterprise-wide availability of our sub-specialists, and impeded our productivity. It was simply not a sustainable way to grow our business.”

Having implemented eRAD’s uniRAD solution, RANI’s radiologists now interpret studies from many originating sites using a single PACS worklist and single image-viewer with an integrated digital dictation and transcription system. All studies and the appropriate prior images are available, and RANI’s radiologists can access this system from anywhere. Once the final medical report is created, it is distributed back to the requesting physician and the originating location using facility-specific interfaces.

Dr. Patel continues, “When images from multiple facilities are combined into a single system, you will immediately be confronted with a cacophony of data: procedure names and titles, series descriptions, format of patient names, DICOM attributes, will all vary greatly from one hospital to another. Simply throwing them all into a common system may sound great on paper, but you will need extremely sophisticated data coercion and DICOM mapping tools to harmonize this data, retrieve appropriate prior images based on location-specific criteria, and present this information to a busy radiologist who can simply interpret images at his cruising sped. eRAD’s software has the highly granular sophistication needed to perform all this, yet hides all this sophistication behind a simple work environment for the radiologist. We now have the fluid solution that can allow us to expand our business smoothly.”

The sale of the eRAD solution was facilitated by RPS Imaging of Michigan City, Indiana.

About Radiologic Associates of Northwest Indiana

Radiologic Associates of Northwest India (RANI) was founded in 1968. RANI offers new dimensions in radiology and the physicians provide comprehensive diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services throughout Northwest Indiana. They are a group of highly specialized, board certified radiologists who use a combination of technology, expertise and experience to provide state-of-the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and skillful interpretations.

The physicians, together with the technical, administrative and support staff at RANI are dedicated to meeting the needs of those we serve. We value the relationships we’ve established and work to ensure our patients and referring physicians are satisfied with the level of care and attention we provide. For more information, visit

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