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On-demand solutions with limited cost.

Cloud Based PACS, RIS & Workflow Solutions

eRAD’s Cloud Solutions is a convenient, affordable data center running eRAD’s popular PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), RIS (Radiology Information System) and radiology software technology products.

eRAD Cloud Solutions are designed for reading groups and others who do not wish to own or manage their own IT infrastructure. The customer licenses the software as a service on demand over the Internet or private Intranet. eRAD customers are provided a secure, diagnostic and customizable image management and information system in return.

The burdens of maintaining and upgrading software and hardware have been eliminated for the system administrator. eRAD Cloud Solutions, including our cloud based PACS, supply up-to-date services, 24×7 technical support, security and built-in business continuity. eRAD’s model leverages infrastructure costs and provides for economical, scalable growth, while limiting capital cost outlays by our customers.

eRAD is committed to solving your application and infrastructure needs. Whether your requirements include hardware, software, service, support, bandwidth, power, IT expertise and/or management, eRAD has a solution for your radiology practice.

The server hardware, long- and short-term storage and HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery solutions are managed by eRAD at its data center.This eliminates a significant amount of in-house IT and PACS infrastructure costs.At the same time eRAD customers are provided maximum system uptime and efficiency for their enterprise.

eRAD’s Cloud Solutions is designed to meet the needs of imaging centers, hospitals, radiologists and reading groups. eRAD web PACS and other Cloud Solutions are designed and engineered by leading industry veterans. We understand that today’s radiology practices require access to image studies sent from a variety of remote image-capture sites, and timely, reliable reading and reporting services from remote and distributed locations.

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eRAD supplies technology solutions to imaging centers. If you are a Referring Physician or a patient, please contact your healthcare provider directly.