Tools make a difference in referring provider relationships

Greenville, S.C., October 31st, 2018 – eRAD announced today that Southlake Radiology has implemented eRAD Speech Recognition and RADAR, eRAD’s secure healthcare communications platform, to achieve greater clinical and business productivity.

eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

Southlake Radiology is a multi-specialty outpatient imaging provider serving patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A long-standing customer of eRAD—leveraging its PACS for ten years and its RIS for five years—Southlake’s practice has continued to expand, prompting a search for greater efficiency gains.

“We were using transcription, and our workflow in eRAD is such that we don’t auto-fax until the read is final,” said Rajesh Gogia, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and lead radiologist for Southlake. “Waiting for transcription so that we could sign and get the report into final status was taking too long, especially for STAT exams. With this new technology, the moment it’s dictated, it’s signed off, finalized, and auto-faxed to the referring provider. It takes seconds to go from unviewed to final.”

eRAD’s Speech Recognition enabled Southlake to drastically improve report turnaround times and the entire report generation workflow. With natural-language understanding, the tool processes the context of speech in a sophisticated way—beyond just word string translation. “My voice recognition is 99.9% accurate,” said Dr. Gogia.

At the same time, Southlake implemented RADAR, eRAD’s platform for secure healthcare communication. RADAR is an automated, closed-loop solution for notifying physicians of any clinical information, such as report results. Different types of HIPAA-compliant alerts can be easily created from within an existing workflow.

“When I’m dictating, I just send a message through RADAR to the referring doctor, and they notice a big difference in the turnaround times. They see instantly on their cell phones that results are ready,” Dr. Gogia said. “The eRAD team worked with us all along the way, which is why I’ve been with eRAD for so long.”

“We’re delighted that Southlake is taking advantage of more eRAD solutions,” said Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD. “We’re in this together—continuously bringing our customers the right tools. These tools have a real, concrete impact on day-to-day efficiency. We want to help make a difference in how our customers manage relationships with both their patients and their referring providers. Southlake knows exactly how to make the full eRAD suite work to their advantage.”

About Southlake Radiology
Southlake Radiology delivers high-quality, multi-specialty imaging to patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Southlake radiologists are board certified and specialty trained in areas ranging from women’s health to musculoskeletal imaging. That expertise enables Southlake to deliver responsive, personalized care to patients. Southlake technologists have decades of combined experience in medical imaging and use the most advanced equipment available. The entire team is committed to high-quality medical imaging services for the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Rajesh Gogia, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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