Large Florida provider streamlines insurance workflow.

Greenville, S.C., November 23, 2015 – eRAD announced today that Elite Imaging has implemented the eRAD Insurance Eligibility and Verification module as part of a broad strategy to streamline its clinical and business workflow.

eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions. Elite Imaging, with 15 imaging centers across Florida, performs more than 250,000 studies annually.

“We used two methods previously, which involved multiple websites. eRAD streamlined that process tremendously,” said Laura Kassa, Director of Operations at Elite. “In South Florida, we had 12 people dedicated to insurance verification for the region. We now have three. Before, the front desk staff each needed to have their own login to each one of those websites in order to verify insurance, plus an understanding of the rules of each plan and how to verify the insurance.

With eRAD, it’s integrated within the RIS (radiology information system) so it’s one login, one click—the information is at their fingertips, and they don’t have to be trained on multiple systems or jump through multiple websites to get it. eRAD gives us that one-stop shop experience.

eRAD’s Insurance Eligibility and Verification Module integrates seamlessly to its Meaningful Use Stage II Certified RIS. Users know instantly if a patient is covered—and it details the coverage, co-pay, deductible, deductible met and co-insurance and calculates the amount to be collected at the time of service.

Kassa notes that the module impacts the patient experience: “The front desk can just print and hand it to the patient. It’s got their insurance right on it; this is what we’re verifying. In that sense the patient feels more confident—and it alleviates some phone calls.”

The module also alleviates some billing issues. “The staff’s first line of defense is to check the verification. And it’s not just for collection. You can see if there’s a referring authorization, it tells you right on the screen.”

eRAD’s Insurance Eligibility and Verification Module performs all data exchange in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Reliable, protected, direct exchange with thousands of payors enables Elite to establish more efficient collection processes and drive time of service payments.

Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD, said, “Elite has a great team and was an early adopter of Insurance Verification, our latest solution for streamlining the practice workflow. Elite recognizes that automating these time-consuming tasks has a direct impact on the success of operations—including clinical care—and we’re proud to deliver the top-shelf technology they are using to expand their business.”

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