Mammography Module

Full mammography toolset for reporting on any workstation.

Fully integrated with eRAD PACS, the Mammography Module provides a full toolset for breast imaging and eliminates the need for a dedicated mammography workstation—saving hours of productivity and thousands in support costs.

The time-consuming shuffle between one workstation and another can be a thing of the past. With eRAD’s FDA-cleared Mammography Module, you can view 2D and 3D mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs all on the same workstation. Reading and reporting is from one system, and comparisons can be pre-staged or pre-cached to that workstation (even priors from third-party and legacy systems). Gain optimal productivity with functions assigned to any input device (mouse, keyboard, keypad, speech mike) and with eRAD’s image auto-positioning features. Images can be oriented for mammography and loaded in the user’s preferred layout(s), and eRAD can auto-fit a full resolution image by anatomy (skin-line detection) or image area. Clinicians don’t waste clicks (in other words, time) adjusting every image.

Under the Hood


Breast tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) helps clinicians find early curable breast cancers via multiple slices of each breast from multiple projection views. The number of slices significantly increases study size, not including the capacity necessary for relevant prior studies. eRAD easily handles the storage requirements, archive costs, and distribution infrastructure necessary to support this type of study.

eRAD’s Mammography Module supports smooth scrolling of tomosynthesis images, including Tomo Cine, and synchronization with contralateral and prior views. Users can annotate, set custom layouts, and pre-stage studies (such as priors for that day’s appointments) to a certain workstation.

Integration with third-party reporting systems and eRAD technology.

Seamless integration with eRAD technology—including the pre-staging and pre-caching of priors, support for distributed environments, mammography tracking, cloud hosting, and speech recognition—extends the productivity gains for breast imaging.

Mammography Module Benefits

Diagnostic tools include:

Computer-aided detection in screening is supported, along with the ability to manage archived CAD objects differently from image objects.
Action (such as pan, zoom, etc.) on one image is simultaneously performed on all displayed images.This eRAD mammography software tool works in concert with no duplicate adjustment necessary.
BI-RADS values can be assigned in a report and displayed on the worklist. The worklist can be sorted by BI-RADS value, so that radiologists can elect to open priors of a certain value.
Grayscale of just the breast image can be inverted, leaving the rest of the data black to make visualization easier.
Custom layouts can be set to initialize together, so that users can quick-toggle between them for alternate views of a study.
eRAD’s mammography PACS solution includes image manipulation tools that can be leveraged for mammography, including Magnifying Glass, Quadrant View, Measurement, Annotations (Pointer, Line, ROI Ellipse, ROI Freehand, Text), Mag to 1:1 Pixel View and Cine for Tomosynthesis.