Secure instant messaging for healthcare providers

Nudge enables secure, fast teamwork among clinicians and administrators. No matter where each colleague is located, issues that can be addressed instantly are handled instantly. No need for a backlog of post-its and voicemails—all the open loops that require follow up.

Nudge transmits secure, encrypted information instantly among connected users. Healthcare providers can now securely share and collaborate on any clinical or business issue.

“Patients are impressed with our smooth service delivery. The Nudge product has streamlined our workflow while creating higher productivity and happier employees. It’s been very effective in improving patient service and decreasing patient wait times”

Bob Gunter, CEO

“The more efficient we are, the more time we’re spending on quality care as opposed to ancillary tasks. With Nudge, I can send images, entire cases—I don’t have to wait on hold to connect with a physician. This is a tool that broadens our capacity to communicate efficiently.”

Dr. Jason Sinner

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