Customer expands its platform to reap benefits of integration

Greenville, S.C., November 19th, 2018 – InMed Diagnostic of Coral Springs, a multi-modality imaging provider in South Florida, has deployed eRAD RIS and Speech Recognition as part of an overall strategy to bring high-quality medical treatment to patients.

eRAD is a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc., and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

A long-term customer of eRAD, having deployed its PACS many years ago, InMed made the decision to streamline its workflow even further by adding two more eRAD solutions into the platform. While eRAD PACS, RIS, and Speech Recognition each provide stand-alone benefits, when integrated they deliver significant gains in productivity. Both the business and clinical workflows can run optimally, and InMed can trust that its practice will stay dynamic as eRAD delivers new innovations.

“The previous RIS was very limited in its feature set, and it had stopped developing anything new quite some time ago,” said Tomas Garcia, President of Targa Development and the PACS Director and IT Administrator for InMed. “eRAD is one of the few RIS vendors that is pumping new features into its toolset all the time. Plus we gain the efficiency of a whole integration.”

eRAD’s Speech Recognition module, which uses natural-language technology to contextually understand a physician’s dictation, has had a significant impact on efficiency. “The report turn-around time before was between 24 and 36 hours,” said Garcia. “Now it’s about five minutes.” The process improvements also created a cost reduction, given that a full-time transcriptionist was no longer required.

eRAD’s implementation team worked with InMed to migrate data from the legacy RIS. “It was such a pleasure having the eRAD support team on site,” said Shannon Hoffman, Office Manager for InMed. “They made things so easy and the transition was so smooth. My site had the new system down quite quickly because of their knowledge and help.”

“We’re thrilled that InMed has expanded the possibilities for their practice,” said Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD. “They’ve been a great customer for years, so it’s exciting to see them tap into a new vein of productivity. They’re going to see that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. They don’t just have two additional products alongside our PACS, they have a whole new foundation from which to succeed. They won’t have to log into and maintain a bunch of different systems, and they’ll see how seamlessly data flows where it needs to be. Plus they know we’re responsive and forward-thinking, that we’ll be there with them on the cutting edge.”

About InMed Diagnostic
InMed Diagnostic of Coral Springs has been serving the South Florida community for more than a decade. With personalized attention to patients, it offers diagnostic imaging in multiple modalities, such as MRI, CT, mammography, and other screening exams. Board-certified radiologists work alongside specialty-trained technologists to deliver expertise to both patients and referring physicians.
Tomas Garcia
IT Director and PACS Administrator
President, Targa Development

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