Breast Imaging

Integrated breast health workflow with BI-RADS® tracking.

eRAD’s Breast Imaging solution is optimized for high-volume reading, supported by effective pre-fetching of priors and automatic display protocols that require minimal manual intervention.

eRAD Breast Imaging features solutions for high-volume screening and advanced diagnostic mammography, eliminating the need for dedicated mammography workstations. The patient’s priors—US, MR or any modality—and the full patient record can be viewed from any mammography reading station and easily compared to current results. Our web-based solution ensures fast image distribution and data retrieval, even over high-latency networks and in remote environments—freeing mammographers from dedicated, monolithic workstations. Login once to access an integrated workflow that includes breast imaging tools and is tailored to individual preferences—no additional applications to learn.

A closed-loop follow-up workflow is driven by BI-RADS coding and tissue density, ensuring clinician productivity and fostering patient relationships.

An ergonomic external keypad is customized per user and provides the necessary reading functions (i.e., CAD display, mirrored synchronization), making the most commonly used tools easily accessible.  Digital breast images, regardless of modality vendor, automatically display in the same size with correct orientation and alignment, facilitating comparison of current and prior images.  Integrated report creation tools in the diagnostic viewer make this a powerful workflow combination.

The Tools Behind Early Detection

Here’s one more way in which eRAD supports innovation in imaging:


Breast tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) helps clinicians find early curable breast cancers via multiple slices of each breast from multiple projection views. eRAD technology is optimized to handle the storage capacity, archive costs and distribution infrastructure necessary to support tomosynthesis, and our Mammography Module delivers 3D mammo features (like tomo synchronization, annotation and cine), enabling our customers to provide this innovative modality to their patients.

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