RADAR Appointment Package

Secure, automated tool for robust appointment reminders.

The RADAR Appointment Package takes patient communication to a new level. It not only saves lost time and revenue—a direct impact to your bottom line—it fosters patient relationships to help grow your practice.

RADAR sends patients an automated email, text, or voice call (whichever they prefer), and it’s bi-directional—so patients can easily respond. RADAR can also direct patients to a secure web page with more robust information, such as video, calendar syncing, prep instructions, interactive maps, and more. Dynamic communication keeps patients engaged.

RADAR Appointment Package Benefits

RADAR helps improve utilization by giving advance notice of no-shows. You can fill empty slots and free staff from multiple daily phone calls.
Follow-up, alert, and audit parameters are easy to define. RADAR stays adaptable even as the practice evolves.
RADAR makes it easy for patients to engage with the practice—and to stay directly informed on what matters to them, in the way they prefer.
RADAR requires no complicated interface or capital outlay—but delivers strong leverage for growth.
Communication can be branded with the practice name and logo, as well as any
additional messaging to promote services.

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