Robust medical imaging software technology for fast, secure, productive connections between users.

eRAD delivers productivity — web-based access across multiple sites with a flexible workflow and fault tolerance — implemented in a way that scales with your business.

eRAD delivers medical imaging software technology that supports your business strategy and imaging workflow needs. Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all implementation, eRAD’s tools flex to solve your unique challenges.

Fault-tolerant architecture, vendor-neutral archiving, integrated DICOM gateways, global worklist—these, and the other tools featured in this section, are only a few of the ways that eRAD imaging workflow technology drives optimum reliability and performance.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow for a single view across all of our imaging sites. eRAD provides that along with easy access for our referring physicians. The integrated speech recognition and report delivery means our turnaround times are significantly reduced and patient care is greatly improved. The scalable solution allows us to grow as our demands change.”
Lester Lewis, MD, Vice President
“The difference in our workflow is significant. Not having to switch to different reporting formats, not having to learn and log into multiple systems—all that expands the possibilities for our practice and speeds our turnaround times.”
Dr. Aakash Singh, Radiologist & Vice President of Operations for MRI
“If a doctor is on vacation but still wants to look at reports, he can get them on his iPhone. That ability to view reports from anywhere is important. It makes a difference in the service we provide to our referring physicians. With just an internet connection, you can read from multiple hospitals, which is a big workflow plus.”
Josh Blackmon, Medical Director
“You need a lean, smart system. We had confidence in eRAD, knowing that they’ve helped many practices and physicians attest, so we knew we had a solution-oriented partner with access to the right resources to get the job done.”
Sandra Gonzales, Imaging Administrator
We are delighted with the quality, speed, reliability and ease of reporting provided to our customers by eRAD’s system.
Sana Khan, M.D., PhD, AiM Radiology Medical Group