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View studies, collaborate and make decisions on-the-go.

eRAD’s zero-footprint, high-speed Web Viewer provides clinicians access to study information, clinical reports and images when and where they need it.

eRAD’s mobile HTML5 browser-based web viewer delivers simple, secure access to imaging results from mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone. Referring physicians, surgeons, clinicians and technologists can view patient and study details, clinical reports and images quickly when and where they need it. Images can be accessed and manipulated (window/level, zoom, etc.) outside the enterprise—such as at the patient’s bedside, on the way to the ER or in the department exam room. eRAD’s Mobile Viewer can easily integrate into an EMR or other third-party system to enable image viewing in the context of other patient data — no additional downloads necessary.

eRAD Web Viewer is not intended for diagnostic use when viewed on mobile devices.
eRAD Web Viewer is not intended for the display of mammography images.

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eRAD PACS Web Viewer Options

Two View Modes:

pacs web viewer | radiology information system
Shows all the series within the study via eRAD’s web based PACS solution. Click on a series to display the images within that series in Image View Mode.
pacs web | pacs web viewer
Shows a single image at a time via eRAD’s web based PACS solution. Manipulate image using location-sensitive controls. Click in the upper corners of the image to return to Series View Mode.

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