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Greenville, S.C., October 29th, 2018 – eRAD announced today that Lauderdale Radiology Group has successfully deployed eRAD PACS as part of an expansion in its service offering.

eRAD is a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

Lauderdale Radiology Group (LRG) is the largest imaging provider in the northwest corner of Alabama, serving The Shoals, a metro community comprising four cities. Along with studies performed at its site, LRG also provides imaging services for the largest hospital in the area. Further expansion—to include reads for outside clinics—prompted the search for a new PACS.

“We felt eRAD was the best solution,” said Paul von Herrmann, M.D. “It was the pricing structure, but also the flexibility of the system. We have added on several small clinics and can now read for them remotely.”

Because eRAD PACS automates certain workflow processes, LRG can quickly add new, remote clinics to its customer base. “Previously we had to physically upload clinical information and images from these smaller locations, then dictate it to a transcriptionist, and it obviously took a lot longer. We have a lot of efficiency gains now,” Dr. von Herrmann said.

eRAD PACS enables LRG to manage its radiologists’ RVUs and achieve load balance as the practice expands. Workflows are consistent and maximally efficient, whether the study is performed on-site or comes from the hospital or an outside clinic.

“LRG has hit on one of the main advantages of the eRAD platform—and that’s flexibility,” said Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD. “Outpatient imaging operators who have a clear vision of how to respond to what’s happening in their market—these are the folks that take to eRAD. They come up with creative business solutions, and they find that our platform is not monolithic and rigid, that it can flex to enable their goals. We like being part of LRG’s success.”

About Lauderdale Radiology Group
Lauderdale Radiology Group is a multi-modality outpatient imaging practice that serves patients in The Shoals, in northwest Alabama. LRG brings state-of-the-art diagnostic services and experienced, board-certified radiologist expertise to a large patient population in a quad-city area. From screening exams, such as bone density and mammography, to advanced imaging, LRG’s emphasis is on a comfortable, high-quality experience for patients.

Paul von Herrmann, M.D.

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