Developed more than 200 new RIS features in last 12 months.

Greenville, S.C., February 21, 2017 – eRAD announced today that it has delivered robust new features to its Radiology Information System (RIS) customers in several updates released over the last 12 months. These RIS features are the outcome of focused development efforts, designed to bring even higher levels of clinical and business productivity to outpatient imaging centers, specialty reading groups, community hospitals, and other providers in the imaging industry.

eRAD is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions. It is the information technology division of RadNet, Inc., the largest imaging center network in the U.S.

New RIS features include tools for clinical communication, such as:

  • RADAR Nudge for HIPAA-compliant instant messaging among clinicians and staff.
  • 24/7/365 access for creating orders and scheduling patients online via the Connect portal.
  • Folders for organizing special cases for tumor boards or any other knowledge sharing.

Inbound document capture electronically receives incoming faxes (and other electronically transmitted documents) and auto-routes them as attachments to the appropriate patient record. It also enables electronic creation of new orders and makes these documents available across the enterprise.

“With more than 200 new features developed in 2016, we’re delivering even greater workflow optimization,” said Hilary Saltmarsh, eRAD Product Manager. “We’ve had reactions like ‘I didn’t know I needed that, but now I can’t live without it.’ It’s inspiring to watch our customers harness the power of eRAD RIS to achieve their goals.”

Patient registration is streamlined with patient ID recognition, which auto-populates a new patient record or an existing record with the simple scan of an identification card, such as the barcode on the back of a driver’s license. RADAR SecurePIC also aids interaction with patients—enabling the secure transfer of a document photo (insurance card, prescription, etc.) from a patient’s smartphone and auto-attaching it to the patient record in the RIS.

Recognizing imaging’s pivotal role in the healthcare system as population health and accountable care organizations take root, eRAD RIS has developed a workflow for evaluating appropriateness and medical necessity of procedures—with a status snapshot for administrators via the Connect portal.

Additional features include custom validation rules for fields; digital forms to create custom, dynamic tabs with data that can auto-populate the medical report; auto-routing to practice-defined reading groups for efficient and balanced study distribution; and many other tools.

Seth Koeppel, Senior Vice President of Sales for eRAD, said: “Our R&D team is a key part of the eRAD story. Whether it’s interoperability, regulatory issues, or just the seemingly small workflow actions that free up a radiologist’s time—we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the tools we make available to our customers. We delivered one great new toolset after the next, month after month, and that speaks to our commitment to the success of eRAD RIS users.”


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