Cloud-based platform delivers cohesive, scalable solution.
Greenville, S.C., April 20th, 2017 – eRAD announced today that it has successfully deployed its Radiology Information System (RIS), PACS, and Speech Recognition at Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Center (ADIC) in Orangeburg, S.C. The site will add eRAD’s Patient and Physician Portals in a second stage before the summer.

eRAD is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions. It is the information technology division of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), the largest imaging center network in the U.S.

ADIC is a community-based, multi-modality imaging center, and ease of use and cost-efficiency were driving factors in its decision. By opting to host its solution on the eRAD cloud, ADIC gains flexibility and quick adaptability to market changes.

“Cloud hosting gives us the ability to expand to teleradiology—and still execute from one cohesive system,” Lewis Warren, manager at ADIC, said. “We didn’t want to have different applications and multiple logins. We wanted everything to be seamless, and that includes our IT support. We wanted to be able call one number and get our questions answered.”

eRAD’s support team successfully migrated ADIC’s data to the new platform. “All of our information was sitting on a server that was no longer supported,” said Warren. “eRAD engineers came in, unlocked the code, and migrated our patient base from the legacy system over to the eRAD system. They did a really good, comprehensive job and kept us informed throughout the process.”

In the second stage of deployment, ADIC will launch eRAD’s Physician and Patient Portals. “It’s all HIPAA-compliant pulling of images from the cloud,” said Warren. “That was a key factor, because it helps us build relationships with referring providers and patients. Everything is straightforward and user-friendly.”

Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD, said, “We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to install the eRAD platform at Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Center of Orangeburg, as their site is located just a short drive from eRAD’s U.S. Headquarters in Greenville, S.C. We pride ourselves on having close relationships with all of our customers, but this represents a tremendous opportunity to have more eRAD support personnel on-site in a real world facility to participate in the ongoing use and support of our software. This is a win-win for both the customer and eRAD staff.”

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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Center, LLC, has been serving the Orangeburg, S.C., area since 1981. A multi-modality center, it provides a wide variety of radiology procedures to help physicians diagnose and treat their patients. Our board-certified radiologists and registered technologists are committed to providing high quality, patient-focused healthcare with compassion and integrity. For more information, visit
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eRAD offers a complete suite of workflow solutions for the imaging industry. Its EHR-Certified RIS, web-based PACS, and multi-site workflow solutions are used by teleradiology businesses, specialty reading groups, multi-site reading groups, hospitals, and outpatient imaging centers. With over 500 customers in the U.S. and abroad, eRAD’s products are available as cloud-based hosted solutions, or as in-house enterprise solutions.
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RadNet, Inc. is the leading national provider of freestanding, fixed-site diagnostic imaging services in the United States based on the number of locations and annual imaging revenue. RadNet has a network of 305 owned and/or operated outpatient imaging centers. RadNet’s core markets include California, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Florida and Rhode Island. In addition, RadNet provides radiology information technology solutions, teleradiology professional services and other related products and services to customers in the diagnostic imaging industry. Together with affiliated radiologists, and inclusive of full-time and per diem employees and technicians, RadNet has more than 7,000 employees. For more information, visit