Greenville, South Carolina – November 16, 2012 eRAD, a division of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), announced today that Radiology Medical Consultants, Inc. (RMC) of Bingham Farms, MI has installed eRAD’s uniRAD solution to provide a consolidated imaging workflow from the various disparate DICOM modalities and PACS systems for which it reads.

RMC’s radiologists provide diagnostic reading services for multiple imaging providers, each utilizing a unique PACS system or, in some cases, mobile imaging modalities. RMC chose eRAD’s uniRAD consolidated workflow management for its ability to aggregate studies from multiple disparate sites into a single worklist which can be accessed via eRAD’s cloud. All reading, dictation and transcription, is performed using one integrated product which is easily accessible via the Internet.

“Prior to using eRAD, we had a highly manual (and messy) process for aggregating the clinical documentation and images and then dictating, transcribing, editing, signing and distributing reports,” said Rick Chesbrough, M.D., President and CEO of RMC. “We have seen our efficiency go up by an order of magnitude now that we are using eRAD, and it was easy to deploy, given they provide all of the IT infrastructure when utilizing the cloud. It’s a lot like subscribing to a cell phone plan,” added Dr. Chesbrough.

“More and more we are seeing radiologists purchase their own systems to aggregate and manage data into a single system for reading. Gone are the days when a radiologist can afford to log onto to several disparate systems in a day to do their work. The efficiency just isn’t there in this age of declining reimbursement,” according to Seth Koeppel, SVP Sales at eRAD. “The eRAD solution can handle multiple vendor inputs even as it reduces IT complexity.”

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Radiology Medical Consultants, P.C. (RMC) is an outpatient-based radiology group providing professional diagnostic imaging interpretations for X-ray, general and vascular ultrasounds, echocardiograms, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and mammography. With offices located in Bingham Farms, MI, RMC provides quality teleradiology services to clients throughout the United States. Its mission is to help improve radiology services for physician clients and outpatient imaging colleagues by providing efficient and timely interpretations. Radiology Medical Consultants, P.C., is a HIPAA-compliant business partner. For more information, visit

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eRAD offers a complete suite of workflow solutions for the imaging industry. Its Meaningful Use-ready RIS, web-based PACS, and multi-site workflow solutions are used by teleradiology businesses, specialty reading groups, multi-site reading groups, hospitals and outpatient imaging centers. With over 260 customers in the US and several other countries, eRAD’s solutions are available as cloud-based hosted solutions, or as in-house enterprise solutions. For more information on DICOM worklist (s) and other radiology technology solutions, visit our DICOM Gateways page.

Seth Koeppel, SVP Sales
Cell: 617-821-4175 | [email protected]

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