Los Angeles, California, March 12, 2015 – eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:  RDNT), announced today that it has been awarded a tender to provide its radiology information system (“RIS”) solution to Assuta Medical Center (“Assuta”) in Israel.

Assuta, a wholly-owned, private subsidiary of Maccabi Health, has eight locations across the country and in November selected eRAD RIS as a key part of its growth strategy. Implementation has started, with a go-live planned for later this year.

eRAD is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions. eRAD RIS will be deployed for radiology department operations—known at Assuta as “imaging institutes.”

Pinhas Tsruya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Assuta Medical Center, said, “The eRAD platform enables us to achieve a clean, efficient workflow in our imaging institute, which has a direct impact on the level of care we extend to our patients. Our mission has always been to provide an exceptional healthcare experience, and eRAD’s RIS supports that aim.”

The RIS, delivered in Hebrew, will be tightly integrated to several existing systems at Assuta, including the ChameleonTM Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems from the Elad Group (“Elad”), the leading healthcare solutions provider in Israel. EHR and CRM solutions from Elad are deployed in most of the major healthcare systems in Israel.

“Integration is very clean and simplified because of the flexibility of eRAD’s architecture,” said Ron Linder, CEO of Elad. “We can provide optimum performance and reliability without complex workarounds. That reduces errors, which is clearly a significant benefit for everyone. We look forward to a productive partnership with eRAD, and to offering a broader set of solutions to our Israeli customers.

Ranjan Jayanathan, General Manager of eRAD and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of RadNet, said, “The eRad RIS will be integrated with several key workflow systems at Assuta, including their PACS, document repository, referring physician portal, patient portal and HMO systems — this is how we deliver fast, secure, productive connections between users so that information is flowing when and where it’s needed. Assuta has always understood and leveraged the value of advanced technology to improve quality and safety for its patients, and we’re very pleased to have been selected.”

“We are expanding our footprint and consistently adding more international installations,” said Dr. Howard Berger, President and CEO of RadNet. “Our RIS was built by strong collaboration with clinicians, who appreciate that our system is radiology-centric. We understand the practice of radiology, and we’re very happy to have been selected by Assuta.”

About Assuta Medical Center

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd. provide medical services to over 1 million patients annually, both to Israeli citizens and tourists, through over 1,500 of Israel’s most senior surgeons. Assuta sets out to provide their patients with a unique healthcare experience, at the highest standard of healthcare service. 98,000 surgical procedures are performed annually at 4 hospitals throughout the country, as well as over 140,000 mammography examinations, 630,000 ambulatory procedures and 14,000 IVF treatments, making Assuta’s IVF unit one of the largest of its kind in the world.

For more information, visit http://en.assuta.co.il/.

About Elad Group

Established in 1982, Elad Group is a leader in the field of IT services. With over 800 professionals employed in its two software development centers, Elad Group provides comprehensive IT services, including development and implementation of software applications, enterprise solutions, infrastructure solutions, outsourcing services, as well as consulting and support services for leading Israeli companies and organizations across various sectors. Elad Group is a ‘Microsoft Gold Partner’ and in 2013 was selected as a ‘Microsoft Partner of the Year’ in Israel.

For more information, visit elad-health.com.

About eRAD, Inc. | RIS Systems

eRAD offers a complete suite of workflow solutions for the imaging industry. Its Meaningful Use-ready RIS, web-based PACS, and multi-site workflow solutions are used by teleradiology businesses, specialty reading groups, multi-site reading groups, hospitals and outpatient imaging centers. With over 400 customers in the US and several other countries, eRAD’s solutions are available as cloud-based hosted solutions, or as in-house enterprise solutions. For more information about eRAD RIS systems solutions, please visit our RIS software page.

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