Ease of integration a driving factor for large South African practice

Greenville, S.C., November 28th, 2017 –eRAD announced today that Drs Schnetler, Corbett and Partners Radiology (SCP Radiology) has selected eRAD’s Radiology Information System (RIS) to manage its clinical and business workflows seamlessly and dynamically from a single, integrated application.

The addition of SCP Radiology represents even greater expansion in eRAD’s install base in South Africa. eRAD is a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

SCP Radiology, based in Cape Town, is one of the larger imaging providers in South Africa. A highly sub-specialized practice group, with 32 radiologists reading studies across 11 centers, makes enterprise-level collaboration across all sites a top priority.

“We selected eRAD because the flexibility of the architecture makes for clean integrations to our other systems,” said Kuben Naidu, managing partner at SCP Radiology. “We didn’t want a one-size-fits-all technology, which leads to forced and complicated workarounds during implementation. eRAD has experience integrating both our PACS and our billing system, so with the clear routing of data between these systems, we expect great strides in productivity across the board.”

eRAD RIS will enable SCP Radiology administrators to view a panoramic dashboard of all activity, across all sites, in real time. Resources are optimized via multi-site scheduling—even by patient preference—so that usage rates for expensive equipment and patient throughput stay high.

eRAD RIS will allow SCP Radiology to measure performance with accuracy—from patient wait times to BI-RADS© follow-ups and billing.

“eRAD tracks everything that happens. If there’s a failure anywhere in the billing chain, for instance, that goes to an eRAD worklist for follow-up,” said Dr. Naidu. “Because of our size, having that kind of clarity, to be able to know that nothing is leaking, is critical.”

SCP Radiology’s billing system will be supplied by Cryanic Medical Solutions, eRAD’s authorized re-seller in South Africa, and Cryanic also facilitated implementation of eRAD RIS. “eRAD’s flexible HL7 engine allowed for a very tight , quick and powerful integration that is tailored to SCP’s specific needs,” said Ryan Bricker, co-director of Cryanic. “The work we do with eRAD has always been very smooth.”

Along with communication between third-party systems, eRAD will enable SCP Radiology to communicate more directly with patients. Through RADAR, its secure clinical communication technology, appointment reminders are automated and bi-directional (patients can respond). Patients can also use a secure 24/7 portal to schedule their own appointments online.

“The heart of our solution is collaboration,” said Yossi Avniel, eRAD Manager of Channel Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “By enabling data to flow freely among sites in the enterprise, and from SCP Radiology to its referring providers and patients, we’re providing the tools necessary for solid clinical collaboration. And that always leads to better patient care. We’re very pleased that SCP Radiology is part of our growing network of installations in South Africa.”

About Drs Schnetler, Corbett and Partners Radiology
Drs Schnetler, Corbett and Partners Radiology is one of the largest and most experienced imaging providers in South Africa, having provided high-quality radiology services in Cape Town since 1950. SCP Radiology’s team—Radiologists and Radiographers, clinical staff and business professionals—take a community-minded, multi-faceted approach to healthcare delivery. Modern equipment and the latest technology, as well as the latest protocols in imaging, ensure that SCP Radiology provides true patient-centered care—from diagnostic to interventional procedures. For more information, visit www.scp.co.za

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Cryanic Medical Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the radiological IT field. Cryanic takes best-of-breed software and integrates it with its own custom-built web technology. The result is a highly sophisticated solution tailored specifically for its customers. Cryanic has a strong policy of opening its solutions to meet customer needs and is happy to work with specific vendors to deliver a better end product. For more information, visit www.cryanicmedicalsolutions.co.za

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