Successful growth in European market.

Greenville, SC., November 11, 2014 – TeleConsult Europe, a provider of radiology services for hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers across Europe, is implementing eRAD PACS to serve an expanding client base.

eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions, has an established relationship with TeleConsult, having previously provided a cloud-based global worklist so that studies from disparate systems could be viewed with a single login. With deployment of a full eRAD PACS, TeleConsult gains the flexibility and scalability necessary to interface with more sites.

“A valued customer of ours wanted to connect additional centers to our service, and at the same time needed a PACS so they could benefit from added functionality, such as a DICOM Modality Worklist and study archiving for easy access to priors for comparison. Together with eRAD, we came up with the best solution,” said Erik de Grijs, COO of TeleConsult Europe. “We have installed an eRAD Child Server at their location connected to our eRAD Parent Server in the cloud. That child server is accessible by their IT department, more or less giving them their own PACS. That ability—to create a child server—was of major importance in our decision to go with eRAD. We had dealt with that before in another situation with eRAD, and it worked out perfectly.”

With an HL7 interface to the customer’s system, orders can be communicated to eRAD, the DICOM Modality Worklist is populated on the modalities, and reports are returned seamlessly to the customer’s EMR. “Before, they had to manually type information at the modality console and copy/paste to get reports into their EMR system, so this is much more efficient,” said de Grijs.

TeleConsult will have a significant increase in the number of studies it reads—which means that stability was also a crucial driver. “If we compare eRAD to other vendors, we find eRAD to be the best solution because it’s a very reliable and stable environment and provides everything that’s needed,” de Grijs said. In addition to image-enabling its customer’s EMR and a local caching server/child server setup for PACS, TeleConsult will use eRAD technology for DICOM archiving and disaster recovery of studies in the cloud.

“Because we’ve been working with eRAD for the past five years, we’ve built a relationship both with the support team in the U.S. and in Hungary,” said de Grijs. “Both teams provide excellent support for us. When it’s nighttime for us, the team in the U.S. is available. In our daytime, the team in Hungary is available.  I must say, they’re always very helpful and thinking creatively to find solutions.”

Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD, said, “eRAD has had a long-standing relationship with TeleConsult Europe, and we are pleased to be able to once again work together to serve the needs of medical groups. This truly represents a partnership between radiologists and IT that defines our company.”

About TeleConsult Europe

TeleConsult Europe is a professional European provider of radiology services for hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers. The primary objective of its highly trained physicians and staff is to enable its clients to provide optimal patient care and diagnostic services by placing quality and value first. TeleConsult Europe provides on-site radiologists, reports through teleradiology, or a combination of both—helping to reduce waiting lists, cope with understaffing, and create greater flexibility for an existing radiology staff.
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