Technology key as radiology practice positions for the future

Greenville, S.C., October 22nd, 2018 – “I highly recommend eRAD RIS and PACS as the thinking person’s tools for success in the diagnostic imaging industry.”

So declared Bob Gunter, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Diagnostic Imaging, a multi-modality center serving patients in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. Premier Diagnostic Imaging (PDI) has successfully deployed eRAD PACS and upgraded its existing eRAD RIS, eRAD announced today.

eRAD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

Gunter committed to an ambitious update of PDI technology—replacing the previous PACS, upgrading the RIS, and moving the entire platform from an on-site server room into a private cloud network.

eRAD’s implementation team made it happen. “Our outpatient imaging center is humming like well-oiled, precise machinery,” Gunter said. “Most impressive is that patient care was not hindered one time during the implementation. From the patients’ perspective, it was business as usual while all this change was going on in the background. We threw the eRAD team so many curves and puzzles, and they had the answer to every one.”

eRAD PACS, especially integrated with eRAD RIS, delivers greater productivity for this busy center. “Our lead radiologist is lightning fast at acquiring images from the modality workstations,” said Gunter, “and he is impressed with the RIS-driven workflow and the richness of the feature set in eRAD PACS.”

A complete, ground-up rebuild—PACS Evolution, eRAD’s next-generation solution, is what made the difference for PDI. The latest version gives users advanced visualization tools—like 3D Volume Rendering, image fusion for PET/CT, and storing and advanced viewing of breast tomosynthesis—all at significantly faster performance. Evolution also delivers a more streamlined workflow, with features such as user-to-user messaging, system stats, and report summaries.

“We feel secure in knowing that we’re now on an IT platform that will position our business for the future,” Gunter said.

“We’ve had a solid, successful relationship with PDI since they switched to eRAD RIS from their previous vendor three years ago,” said Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales at eRAD. “So our product management and development teams were especially excited to see eRAD PACS Evolution deployed on-site. Both the RIS and the PACS teams have worked hard to optimize the synchronization of the RIS application and the PACS Evolution viewer. These ‘tango’ improvements, along with speed improvements on the server backend, give the radiologist an extremely efficient reading experience. PDI is a great success story, and we’ll be right with them as that success grows exponentially.”

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Bob Gunter
Chief Executive Officer

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