A leap forward

The latest addition to the eRAD PACS product line.

eRAD offers a state-of-the-art PACS solution for radiology imaging workflow. With a flexible infrastructure, enhanced data security, advanced web technology and a modernized user interface, eRAD PACS Evolution takes productivity to a new level.

eRAD PACS Evolution is built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest innovations in imaging and IT. Advanced workflow features—such as user-to-user messaging and tools for high-volume mammography screening—align with enhanced configurability across the board. Clients can opt to deploy Evolution on the cloud or on in-house hardware. Users get a powerful, adaptable foundation for the practice workflow along with unparalleled performance.


New in eRAD PACS Evolution:

  • Customizable user dashboard
  • System performance dashlets
  • Enhanced quick search
  • Technologist review page
  • User-to-user messaging
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable toolbars and menus
  • Customizable study states
  • Desktop touch-screen support
  • iOS, Windows and Android apps
  • High-volume mammography tools

New in eRAD PACS Evolution Web Viewer

  • Platform independence
  • Comparison views
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Enhanced hanging protocols
  • Additional annotation tools
  • Additional measuring tools
  • User-specific settings
“Having a need to replace our current system, we evaluated several RIS/PACS available. We were focused on finding a system that was integrated, web-based, streamlined workflow, and extremely user friendly in order to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, we wanted to provide remote viewing capabilities to our referring physicians in order for them to have immediate access to patient images and reports. We selected eRAD based on the comprehensive nature of their product. Our system has been well received by our referring physicians and it has made a direct impact in our referral patterns. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable tool in enhancing our business.”
Joseph Galazin, Owner & CEO
“With as many as 20 remote sites sending us studies on a 24/7 basis, our workflow is complex and requires a certain degree of flexibility and the need to customize based on the institution. Not only did we find this capability in eRAD, but it also offered us lots of extra features. In addition to basic remote access, we got integrated report creation, dictation, transcription, speech recognition and distribution tools—which allows us to create and distribute medical reports with embedded key images to our referring physicians and institutions online in a secure manner.”
Ray House, M.D., President
“With eRAD RIS, I have amazing insight and control over what’s happening in our imaging centers. With its real-time reports and dashboards, I can see exactly what’s going on moment-by-moment, as well as take a look at the big picture. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, I can confidently make decisions that I know will substantively improve our business.”
Vickie Bedel, Vice President of Operations