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Healthcare is in the midst of revolutionary changes—patient engagement, cloud computing, healthcare reform, mobile technology, data sharing, government regulations, security concerns—to name but a few. As you incorporate new advances in healthcare and technology into your practice, you cannot afford to get bogged down by rigidly compartmentalized tools that cannot be leveraged or scaled forward.

Radiology Workflow Solutions

A key strategy is to team with a healthcare IT provider that can anticipate the challenges ahead and deliver solutions that will take you into the future. eRAD dynamically automates the business and clinical radiology workflow of medical imaging. Have a patient send a photo of an insurance card directly into their patient record before the appointment. Collaborate with remote colleagues via secure instant messaging. Use digital signatures to speed registration.

Very simply, you want productivity — web-based access across multiple sites with a flexible radiology workflow and fault tolerance — implemented in a way that scales with your business.

An imaging center with nine locations across a county, for example, relies on data sharing for accurate and efficient clinical findings. eRAD allows an imaging center to pull relevant priors from any system. This also saves the headache and expense of migrating data.

Data is coerced into a format that is usable (but not edited) at the source, so those priors are accurate. The study is read and reported — say, by a remote sub-specialist who serves multiple requesters but uses only one eRAD interface to access studies automatically pre-staged specifically for him or her. Critical test results can be immediately and securely emailed (with the radiology report) to the referring physician, who will e-handshake a receipt to confirm. An approved referring clinician can also access any results or radiology reports 24/7 from a secure portal.

That remote sub-specialist stays busy no matter what happens with the network. With eRAD’s cloud-based infrastructure, encrypted, compressed data is shared via persistent sending, which overcomes spotty bandwidth. Medical imaging studies are intelligently directed for maximum availability if connectivity is broken.

Radiology Workflow | Radiology Reports

Clinicians and radiology practices can also engage directly with patients. eRAD’s RADAR (for appointment reminders, instructions and more) enables two-way communication. eRAD’s secure patient portal can share results (images from the study), radiology reports and even allow a patient to schedule future medical imaging studies.

Sharing data efficiently is the key to new efficiencies in healthcare. eRAD’s easy-to-deploy, cloud-based infrastructure is the foundation of a flexible, cost-effective solution. When coupled with eRAD tools — like speech recognition and dictation integrated into both PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) and RIS (Radiology Information System) — radiologists are free to focus on patients, not technology problems.

Instead of scrambling to react to every new trend, you can position your enterprise to be ready for the changes as they come. eRAD makes it easy to deliver optimum care.

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“Prior to using eRAD, we had a highly manual (and messy) process for aggregating the clinical documentation and images and then dictating, transcribing, editing, signing and distributing reports. We have seen our efficiency go up by an order of magnitude now that we are using eRAD, and it was easy to deploy, given they provide all of the IT infrastructure when utilizing the cloud. It’s a lot like subscribing to a cell phone plan.”
Rick Chesbrough, MD, President & CEO
“We have been using ERAD for more than 8 years and we are super delighted with the functionalities and ease of use. Our Rads can configure as per their preferences which helps a lot in the workflow. Coupled with this a very helpful Development and Support team who are always there. ERAD is our one and only choice in our Globally scattered Teleradiology workflow.”
Sanjib Pal, MD, President
“Having a need to replace our current system, we evaluated several RIS/PACS available. We were focused on finding a system that was integrated, web-based, streamlined workflow, and extremely user friendly in order to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, we wanted to provide remote viewing capabilities to our referring physicians in order for them to have immediate access to patient images and reports. We selected eRAD based on the comprehensive nature of their product. Our system has been well received by our referring physicians and it has made a direct impact in our referral patterns. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable tool in enhancing our business.”
Joseph Galazin, Owner & CEO
“We have been delighted with the eRAD PACS since it was installed in early 2008. Now we have implemented eRAD’s Integrated Scheduling Module to streamline our workflow across multiple facilities. This is a giant step toward our goal of becoming both filmless and paperless.”
Amy Wendt, Manager of Operations and Business Development
“We needed a solution that would allow us to focus on patient care instead of wrestling with technology. After deploying eRAD, we have a more well-defined and efficient workflow for our radiologists. We no longer have to learn and troubleshoot multiple PACS interfaces. Our promise to our clients is to provide accurate and timely imaging reports. eRAD’s unique architecture facilitates that for us.”
Vernon Duncan, MD, President
“The difference in our workflow is significant. Not having to switch to different reporting formats, not having to learn and log into multiple systems—all that expands the possibilities for our practice and speeds our turnaround times.”
Dr. Aakash Singh, Radiologist & Vice President of Operations for MRI