RADAR for Critical Test Results Management

Streamlined delivery, receipt, confirmation of critical results.

RADAR is an automated, closed-loop CTRM solution for notifying clinicians of urgent or significant unexpected results.

“Improve staff communication” is consistently cited in the Joint Commission list of National Patient Safety Goals. eRAD’s answer to that requirement is RADAR, a state-of-the-art Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) tool, developed by a radiologist, that bridges communication gaps by tracking alerts from creation through confirmation. Different types of alerts can be created from within an existing workflow, and follow-up ensures the patient’s critical result is acknowledged. Best of all, RADAR delivers secure text, phone or email messages while seamlessly and easily integrating into an existing workflow.


RADAR was founded in 2005 as a Critical Test Results Management

(CTRM) solution. Today, RADAR offers the technology to implement a failsafe, closed-loop communication platform, and its customizable database can be integrated into any HL7-compliant system within hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and physician practices. Departments can utilize the RADAR database for practice management, quality assurance, risk management and peer review.

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“By ‘closing the loop’ on critical results reporting, RADAR has helped ARA improve patient care. We’ve virtually eliminated the possibility of a critical result or unexpected finding falling through the cracks before it reaches the ordering physician.”
Daniel Chernoff, MD, PhD, Radiologist

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