RIS and PACS Migration Services

Making your data usable—quickly.

eRAD’s data migration services provides for cost-effective, timely and professional migration of legacy DICOM data from PACS, as well as demographic/study data (inclusive of medical reports) from HIS, RIS and EMR systems.

If needed, this service includes real-time data scrubbing and cleansing to address and rectify data inconsistencies—often encountered in older systems or when consolidating data from multiple disparate systems.  Whether or not you’re purchasing a RIS or PACS software solution from eRAD, migration services are available from eRAD’s experienced team of migration engineers and come with the same satisfaction guarantee.

Clean digital data will drive continuity of care for patients through access to accurate, clinically relevant healthcare information.  Successful data migrations combine eRAD’s integrated DICOM management software tools with years of experience managing successful migrations and comprising millions of studies.  Services include:

  • Comprehensive SOW (Statement of Work) detailing the implementation plan, project milestones and scope of work
  • Testing of sample data, inclusive of any scripting for data manipulation to ensure requirements are met.
  • Installation of onsite hardware, if necessary, including eRAD migration servers as well as HL7 interface testing with third-party vendors.
  • Migration monitoring with periodic updates on migration rates and estimated time to completion.
  • Configuration of real-time access to data so that migrations can occur in the background and day-to-day clinical care is not disrupted.    eRAD’s ability to query and retrieve relevant data based on current visits is extremely granular and configurable.
  • Upon completion, a full reconciliation and validation of migrated data.

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