Vendor Neutral Archiving

DICOM-compliant archiving without expensive downtime.

eRAD’s vendor-neutral archiving eliminates data silos and facilitates interoperability between disparate systems. eRAD puts data on your screen quickly, whether it originated from a legacy system, another vendor’s data archive or an eRAD archive.

To deliver optimal care, you need a full patient history—fast. The origin of that information shouldn’t matter.  By consolidating islands of disparate data, eRAD Archiving distributes DICOM information when and where clinicians need it—without expensive migrations and downtime.

eRAD PACS provides an option to independently archive data in each of the imaging facilities of a distributed environment. You can keep data from being commingled with another site’s data, yet give users the benefit of having all the data available from a single worklist. Access to the data in each archive is protected by privileges managed by the system administrator.

The eRAD platform is DICOM- and IHE-compliant. Its capacity is expandable; customers can add storage volumes without modifying existing volumes. Multiple, independent archives are supported at any level of the system.

eRAD archiving is vendor-neutral by design and can evolve as new interoperability issues arise. It includes:

  • Complete DICOM conformance (for existing DICOM SOP Classes)
  • Ability to organize/manage data per organizational node (facility, department, etc.)
  • Inbound data coercion
  • Data Compression options including negotiating DICOM-supported syntax
  • Intelligent, metadata-driven Information Lifecycle Management, including purge
  • Ability to create/associate a unique patient/study ID
  • Pre-fetching and rules-based (user-defined) routing
  • Transaction logging and reporting
  • Mirrored configurations with automated failover and reconciliation
  • System-wide propagation of HL7 updates
  • Storage Reclamation following media migration or data purge
  • Security including user credentialing and authentication

“eRAD technology ensures that data isn’t marooned in these separate systems, but that we know, for example, exactly what happens during every patient visit, from A to Z. Because of our size and tempo, having that kind of clarity—the confidence that nothing is getting lost—is very beneficial.”

Professor Jonathan Halevey, Director-General, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

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