Software Training

The information you need to take full advantage of your eRAD solution.

At eRAD, we understand that your questions, concerns and feedback are invaluable. Our professional, responsive support team ensures that you are able to take full advantage of your eRAD system and that your ideas and suggestions have traction.

Courses can be tailored to your particular enterprise—provided, for example, for particular staff members or on particular topics, and even as web sessions.  Standard training includes:

PACS Administrator training

Includes workflow, end-user support, system checks and troubleshooting.

Service training

Provides the essential information resellers need to install and maintain eRAD PACS, including in-depth configuration, networking and support concepts.

Applications training

Provides instruction for end users on how to use the eRAD product(s).  This is included as part of the implementation plan, and is also available after upgrades or the introduction of new features.  Application training is always available to new staff members or as a refresher course to ensure the system is used to its maximum potential.

eRAD also provides—free of charge—training tools that help users develop prowess with the system, such as:

  • Quick Reference Guides for all levels of end users.
  • Training Check Sheets to help administrators and key users train others.
  • Custom mouse pads for radiologists and key users, so all default keyboard shortcuts and hot keys can be found at a glance.


Ready to train?

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Sante Fe Imaging | RIS PACS Technology

“You need a lean, smart system. We had confidence in eRAD, knowing that they’ve helped many practices and physicians attest, so we knew we had a solution-oriented partner with access to the right resources to get the job done.”

Sandra Gonzales, Imaging Administrator
RAD 365 Logo | Radiology Information System

“Now we can connect and train a new customer in less than one hour. Because of that direct interaction, we can count on our customers to perform some steps that had been done by our internal team before.”

Felipe Morais, MD, Radiologist and Medical Director
RIS Radiology Information System | DAC Imaging Logo

“I started DAC Imaging in 2005 with hand-picked fellowship-trained radiologists, a networking engineer, an accountant, an attorney, a server, and eRAD. Over time, eRAD has proven to be an indispensable part of the team. The eRAD platform has grown with my business as I have added modalities, radiologists, imaging centers, and technologists. The addition of speech recognition has reduced report turn-around times and improved radiologist efficiency. The software is regularly updated and has proven to be a solid performer. The training and technical support teams are unparalleled. The web-centric eRAD architecture is designed for teleradiology… reporting, uploading outside CD’s, burning CD’s, attaching paperwork, and reviewing and printing reports can be accomplished at any PC, anywhere. eRAD is a company that truly understands the needs of radiologists.”

Dale Charletta, MD, Radiologist