Many RIS systems use patches and bolted-on solutions to fix problems they were never designed to handle. eRAD knows better—it’s built right from the ground up.


Shortcuts are short-term. From the inception of eRAD RIS, we took a long-range, deliberate approach.

We assembled an elite team—veteran radiologists, imaging center professionals and engineers—with a real-world perspective and innovative ideas about what a RIS could deliver.

The result?  No after-thoughts or patch solutions. Instead of an array of separate modules that require integration (and expensive customization), you get advanced tools designed into the RIS from the outset.  And the largest operator of diagnostic imaging centers in the U.S. agrees—using eRAD RIS to process more than five million images per year across 240 imaging centers.

eRAD RIS includes all the capabilities you need for a true enterprise radiology solution:

At eRAD, we don’t force you into a complicated, patched-together implementation (with ever-rising costs). Our technology supports long-range solutions. You stay agile and ready to grow with fewer integration points to manage.

eRAD. Always Evolving.

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