Integrated DICOM Gateways

Secure, compressed, rules-based image transmission.

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eRAD takes DICOM gateways a step further. Our Send Server is a dedicated, compact appliance that enables HIPAA-compliant, secure image acquisition and sending from remote or disparate sites.

Instead of a complex, unreliable VPN (virtual private network), the Send Server manages the encrypted sending of studies with advanced features. These include auto-notification and auditing of send/receive activity, mobile radiology support and study logging (which logs the handshake that confirms a successful send).

DICOM Gateway | Under the Hood

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  • Sophisticated traffic control.

eRAD employs sophisticated technology to ensure data is transferred securely, efficiently and intelligently. Your data and images are accessible wherever, whenever and however the enterprise requires.

  • Persistent sending on any bandwidth.
    Remote sites with unstable bandwidth still get their data. Missing data is retransmitted until all data is confirmed has received.
  • Local and global.
    Each eRAD Child Server can be configured to be its own individual eRAD server yet be integrated into the enterprise for global worklist access.

    • Mobile radiology support.
      Load a Send Server onto a laptop to connect radiology services directly from a mobile unit. A wireless connection becomes a secure transport to the main system, so you don’t have to wait to upload studies later.
    • Rules engine in the gateway.
      Easy to define and change, rules govern which studies are sent to which servers. Any criterion or group of criteria can be set, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

    Integrated DICOM Gateways Benefits

    Data is transferred securely—inside and outside the enterprise.
    Users define when and how data is compressed, for efficient and streamlined transfer across the network.
    Remote sites with unstable bandwidth still get their data. Missing data is retransmitted until all data is confirmed as received.
    Studies and workflow are governed by a common worklist, shared throughout the enterprise.
    It is easy to define and change rules to govern which studies are sent to which radiologists. Learn more about eRAD PACS (picture archiving and communication system) and eRAD RIS (radiology information system).
    Legacy and non-compliant data can be managed and manipulated so studies, independent of their source, are normalized.
    Studies can be streamed real-time to avoid lengthy download times and workflow inefficiencies. Contact us to learn more about our DICOM viewer solutions for your practice.
    Configure the system to provide access to images based on profiles that are tailored to a user’s preferences, specialty, schedule, location, etc.
    “With eRAD RIS, I have amazing insight and control over what’s happening in our imaging centers. With its real-time reports and dashboards, I can see exactly what’s going on moment-by-moment, as well as take a look at the big picture. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, I can confidently make decisions that I know will substantively improve our business.”
    Vickie Bedel, Vice President of Operations
    “Having a need to replace our current system, we evaluated several RIS/PACS available. We were focused on finding a system that was integrated, web-based, streamlined workflow, and extremely user friendly in order to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, we wanted to provide remote viewing capabilities to our referring physicians in order for them to have immediate access to patient images and reports. We selected eRAD based on the comprehensive nature of their product. Our system has been well received by our referring physicians and it has made a direct impact in our referral patterns. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable tool in enhancing our business.”
    Joseph Galazin, Owner & CEO

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