Single unified workflow to consolidate disparate PACS.

UniRAD Features | PACS Worklist

Cloud PACS Solution

uniRAD—eRAD’s distributed radiology solution—treats the enterprise like one coherent site, without demanding a system overhaul. Existing data, tools and workflows from disparate PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), HIS (Hospital Information Systems) and RIS (Radiology Information Systems) are standardized to one streamlined reading and reporting platform.

With a single login, the uniRAD worklist, viewer and reporting engine synchronize data from any integrated source. This frees the user to consult with specialists anywhere and makes full patient data (such as external priors and lab work) easily available.

Under the Hood | Cloud PACS Solution

cloud pacs | pacs worklist radiology illustration relationships between different PACS systems

  • One log-in
    eRAD understands the new era of radiology demands productivity. A single UniRad login enables clinicians to view a common PACS worklist and report on studies from any connected device in the extended system.
  • Sophisticated traffic control
    eRAD employs sophisticated technology to ensure data is transferred securely, efficiently and intelligently. This ensures data and images are accessible wherever, whenever and however the enterprise requires.
  • Anywhere and everywhere
    Resources are not limited by geography; access your PACS worklist anywhere with Internet access. That means that a best-fit sub-specialty group across the country can consult using the same full patient portfolio.
  • Unified and standardized
    Existing data, tools and workflows from disparate PACS, EMR, HIS and RIS systems are standardized to one streamlined reading and reporting platform.
    Existing data, tools and workflows from disparate PACS, EMR, HIS and RIS systems are standardized to one streamlined reading and reporting platform.
  • eRAD’s PACS Cloud Solutions
    eRAD’s cloud is a convenient, affordable data center running our popular PACS, RIS and Teleradiology workflow solutions for reading groups and others who do not own or manage their own IT infrastructure.

Native web-based architecture makes it easy and economical for practices of various shapes and sizes to deploy eRAD RIS. Whether running on eRAD’s cloud infrastructure, Amazon Cloud or your own dedicated hardware or virtualized environment, deployment is scalable without sacrificing speed or performance.

uniRAD Global PACS Worklist Benefits

Data is transferred securely—inside and outside the enterprise.
Users define when and how data is compressed, for efficient and streamlined transfer across the network.
Remote sites with unstable bandwidth still get their data. Missing data is retransmitted until all data is confirmed as received.
It is easy to define and change rules to govern which studies are sent to which radiologists.
Legacy and non-compliant data can be managed and manipulated so studies, independent of their source, are normalized.
Studies can be streamed real-time to avoid lengthy download times and workflow inefficiencies.
Configure the system to provide access to images based on profiles that are tailored to a user’s preferences, specialty, schedule, location, etc. Leverage the power of eRAD cloud PACS solutions for your practice.
“The federated worklist is truly what we have been waiting for. It is so wonderful to use and so easy to be productive. I have setup my profile for ‘unread of last three days’ which gives me an instantaneous view of all studies at more than seven outpatient sites that are done and available.”
Jon Jester, M.D., Medical Director
“You need a lean, smart system. We had confidence in eRAD, knowing that they’ve helped many practices and physicians attest, so we knew we had a solution-oriented partner with access to the right resources to get the job done.”
Sandra Gonzales, Imaging Administrator
“The difference in our workflow is significant. Not having to switch to different reporting formats, not having to learn and log into multiple systems—all that expands the possibilities for our practice and speeds our turnaround times.”
Dr. Aakash Singh, Radiologist & Vice President of Operations for MRI