Efficient photo capture of any patient document.

SecurePIC enables faster and more accurate capture of patient information. Patients securely send photos of prescriptions, insurance cards, referral forms—any document—for immediate, direct transfer to the patient folder.

Streamline registration with accurate capture of patient information—the first time. Prompted by an easy-to-follow request directly from your system, patients can snap a photo of any document on a mobile phone and send it to an eRAD RIS user. All communication is secure, and the photos go directly into the patient record.

Along with greater efficiency and elimination of paper bottlenecks, you gain confidence in the accuracy of clinical information. SecurePIC supports improved continuity of care, which translates into increased potential for positive outcomes.

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“With eRAD, we get the interoperability that we can’t find with other vendors. We take advantage of mobile devices and authentication to engage patients and referring physicians directly.”

Douglas Smith, M.D., Founder, Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants (MSKIC)

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