RIS-Driven Reporting & Speech

Co-existent report, dictation, speech recognition and transcription solutions.

Built around the award winning M*Modal Speech Understanding engine, the eRAD RIS reporting module offers powerful report creation, including customizations and structured reports tied to the modality and procedure.

What if the system adapted to you, instead of the other way around? eRAD’s Reporting flexibly corresponds to the way radiologists naturally work. Putting dictation, speech recognition and structured reports together with one-click signing alternatives (like self- edit or send to transcription), eRAD empowers radiologists to focus on clinical findings. Relevant priors and other patient data crucial to the read and report are found right on the screen, not on another system or another site.

Radiology Speech Recognition

Productivity, patient satisfaction and reimbursement are all closely tied to timely, accurate reports.  Speech recognition drastically speeds report generation and turnaround and lowers cost.

eRAD goes beyond conventional voice-to-text rendering to deliver true medical Speech Understanding.  Powered by the M*Modal engine, an industry-leading speech technology, eRAD’s Speech Recognition captures meaning and syntax, not just word strings.  Your profile is stored in the cloud and available at any workstation—no more thumb drives to manage.  Conversational speech is processed from any source—PCs, traditional phones, smartphones, dictation stations.  A self-learning, radiology-specific lexicon improves with use, and you get a streamlined workflow.

Under the Hood

RIS Reports support:

  • Dictation, batch recognition and full interactive mode.
  • Native report template and macro creation for reporting.
  • Xkeys integration.

Radiologists can scroll and dictate at the same time, self-edit, batch edit and attach key images directly into reports. M*Modal automates a radiologist’s standard syntaxes into a prepared clinical outline, so the radiologist can avoid long, slow, cumbersome dictation.

The report is formatted while the radiologist says as little as necessary. Structured reporting comes with user-defined macros. These can be mapped or associated to trigger by patient, facility, modality, body part, reading and/or referring MD. Users can easily voice navigate standard text blocks, numeric fields and pick lists with speed, accuracy and control. eRAD’s cloud server enables roaming profiles, so that users can access their profiles at login from anywhere.

“The eRAD platform enables us to achieve a clean, efficient workflow in our radiology services, which has a direct impact on the level of care we extend to our patients. Our mission has always been to provide an exceptional healthcare experience, and eRAD’s RIS supports that aim.”

Pino Tsruya, Chief Executive Officer, Assuta Medical Center

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