Document Management

Streamlined document handling for radiology practices.

The right information at the right time—that’s the key to optimal patient care and business success. eRAD routes documents through the enterprise so that staff have everything they need to deliver high-quality care. Starting with inbound faxes, eRAD provides productivity gains through the entire care cycle.

Manual entries, paper faxes, forgotten messages—these are the inefficiencies that, little by little, erode productivity and affect the entire practice. With eRAD, radiology providers have the right information immediately at hand, from fax catching to secure document texting from patients.

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“From a business standpoint, eRAD decreases the complexity of our business while maximizing our profit potential. From a clinical standpoint, it allows the radiologist to take more control, to concentrate more on each individual study, on quality.”

Brian Huff, IT Director, Southeastern Overread

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