The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following attributes- good decision making,  a high level of maturity, the ability to collaborate and work toward consensus,   fabulous customer service skills, the ability to talk to all levels of the organization, great story telling skills, will know how to listen completely for all the details around an issue without jumping to conclusions, cool as a cucumber especially during high stress times (of which there will be many.)

Here are the types of responsibilities this role will entail—troubleshooting and developing technical solutions related to our enterprise-wide Radiology Information System (RIS) system. Collaborates and develops solutions ensuring timely resolution to system related issues. Clearly understands, articulates and documents both urgent and non-urgent requests to development as needed. This candidate is part of a team that will prepare, document and implement system updates and features. Resolves and documents RIS support ticket requests in a timely fashion. Provides overview or training for new features/existing features as needed. This team works closely with a variety of other groups in support of the RIS system including (but not limited to) the Service Desk, RIS Solutions Team, Infrastructure Team and also the End Users of the system to address, resolve, and document software related issues and requests. Individual should have a flexible schedule, availability required for afterhours and weekend work. This position involves project work, the individual should be self-motivated and a self-starter. On-call for urgent system related issues.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Supports/troubleshoots client and server related issues pertaining to the RIS Application.
  • Implements software updates and hotfixes.
  • Documents Support and Update Processes
  • Develops, implements, and supports SQL Scripts.
  • On-call—urgent system issues.
  • Deploys and supports new system features and enhancements.
  • Identifies and documents software bugs and errors.
  • Monitors overall system health and integrity.
  • Maintains data integrity and security pertaining to sensitive data.
  • Fulfills change management tracking and documentation.
  • Identifies root causes for any software related issues.
  • Collaborates and works closely with RIS Support team members.
  • Identifies and prevents system interruption.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and requirements of the position described above.  Other functions may be assigned and management retains the right to add or change duties at any time.

Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience

  • College education or work experience in a related field is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server preferred
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Language preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Server 2008-2016 preferred
  • In-depth understanding of eRAD RIS functionality and use.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be meticulous and self-motivated.
  • Problem solving skills are a must.
  • Able to exercise a high degree of initiative, judgement, discretion, and decision making to achieve department and organizational objectives.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to work independently.

Quality Standards

  • Communicates, cooperates, and consistently functions professionally and harmoniously with all levels of supervision, co-workers, patients, visitors, and vendors.
  • Caution and responsible approach when addressing system level needs.
  • Demonstrates initiative, personal awareness, professionalism and integrity, and exercise confidentiality in all areas of performance.
  • Follows OSHA regulations, RadNet and site protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Follows HIPAA, compliance, privacy, safety and confidentiality standards at all times.
  • Practices universal safety precautions.
  • Promotes good public relations on the phone, via email and in person.
  • Adapts and is willing to learn new tasks, methods, and systems.
  • Completes job responsibilities in a quality and timely manner.

Physical Demands

This position often requires sitting, standing, walking, bending, twisting, reaching with hands and arms, using hands and fingers, handling, or feeling, speaking, listening, and high-level cognitive thinking. Also, must be able to lift up to 10 pounds occasionally. The position requires the ability to travel (~20% of time), drive a vehicle, and utilize other forms of transportation.

Working Environment

Home Office

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