Specialty Reading Groups

Direct impact to the bottom line of a practice.

Technology bottlenecks directly affect the bottom line of a practice, as well as relationships with referring physicians. Specialty reading groups can drive business to new levels with more responsive, flexible, accurate and secure reads.

eRAD provides true radiology without walls. For specialty reading groups, the old method of logging in and out of multiple supported facilities to access images only means that the specialist is held back from providing optimal care. eRAD solves that technology bottleneck by bringing images to the specialist, instead of demanding that the specialist go to the images. Studies can be pulled from any affiliation and read anywhere. A single, consistent worklist, pre-staged with studies best suited for that specialist, means that specialty reading groups can make strong gains in productivity and efficiency. There is no need to learn multiple interfaces, login to disparate systems, wait hours for relevant priors, or reiterate test results. Those wasted hours are restored to the bottom line of the practice, via eRAD’s robust, cloud-based platform for enterprise-level collaboration, hassle-free compliance and improved patient care.

There is also no need to limit the practice to local affiliations. Cross-facility reading broadens the possibilities, allowing specialists to provide their expertise wherever it’s needed, in any enterprise.

eRAD’s dictation, transcription, speech recognition and report distribution capabilities are integrated directly into the eRAD PACS, so a dedicated RIS is not necessary. This enables true enterprise wide reading and reporting across facilities without the need for VPNs, dedicated networks or third-party add-on applications.

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