Outpatient Imaging Centers

eRAD easily supports optimum patient care across distributed sites.

How does the use of certified technology apply to a radiology practice? At eRAD, we know the radiology-specific ins and outs of regulations and reimbursement incentives, so that you are not forced into a workflow that doesn’t make sense for your practice. We have the roadmap you need to achieve regulatory measures.

eRAD’s distributed workflow solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Appointments can be scheduled across multiples sites with an eye on optimal resource allocation.
  • Patients can receive appointment reminders and prep instructions via phone, email, IM or text.
  • Outside reads can be integrated into the patient record.
  • Electronic order entries can be received.
  • Relevant priors can be pre-fetched, even from third-party systems.
  • Patient demographics data satisfies measures needed for incentive payments.
  • Radiologists can logon to a single worklist with a consistent interface to read studies pre-staged for their expertise; those studies can be from any location and from disparate systems.
  • A light, web-based reporting engine is embedded into the system for a full dictation, speech recognition and transcription solution that includes macros, custom templates, natural syntax and insertion of key images.
  • Both reports and critical test results can be transmitted to physicians in any location via text, IM, phone or email, with key images and a closed-loop, auditable handshake.
  • Referring physicians can get 24/7 access to their patients’ information, using any device.
  • Follow-up letters ensure that patient care continues, with mammography follow-up based on BIRADS © tracking.
  • An array of audit and administrative reports can show real-time progress toward performance targets.

These are only some of the ways eRAD streamlines imaging center workflows.  eRAD is used by the largest outpatient imaging group in the country, proving its ability to handle a large volume of distributed data and staff, and its success at solving complex architecture, clinical and business needs in an elegant way.

Questions about eRAD’s solutions for imaging centers?

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