Multi-Speciality Group Practices

Scalable growth for your business.

eRAD technology enables multi-specialty group practices to focus on the growth of the business. Needed technology is built into the eRAD solution, or integrated with existing resources, so that a practice can maximize its investment. Why configure an entirely new CTRM platform and workflow, for example, when eRAD can enable critical results messaging directly from your existing system? Why muddle through an expensive and time-consuming data migration, when eRAD can get needed data to you now? eRAD keeps you productive while you scale forward.

Multi-specialty groups—practices that handle radiology in-house or large specialty groups— can extend their resources with eRAD technology. eRAD’s dictation, transcription, speech recognition and report distribution capabilities are integrated directly into the eRAD PACS (or into any existing EMR), so a dedicated RIS is not necessary.  This enables true enterprise-wide reading and reporting across facilities without the need for VPNs, dedicated networks or third-party add-on applications. Practices can easily image-enable their own existing EMR (display a link to a mammogram within the patient record, for example), via eRAD APIs. Likewise, the EMR or any existing system can be communication-enabled, also through APIs, so that eRAD can send critical test results, lab findings, pathology outcomes, appointment reminders, prep instructions and more to clinicians and patients via text, email, phone or IM. One click within the familiar interface triggers a report to the referring, and an auto-confirmation of receipt means that re-sends and re-iterations can be avoided.

A single login to a one consistent interface enables users to read studies from any location in a familiar environment, without learning distinct software for every supported facility. Third-party images can be pre-fetched and transmitted to a specific user’s worklist, based on rules easily managed by the practice, so hours or days of waiting for complete information is restored to the bottom line of the practice.

With connection and communication bottlenecks resolved, the practice can focus on patient care and the growth of the business.

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