Co-existent report, dictation, speech recognition and transcription solutions.

Built around the award winning M*Modal Speech Understanding engine, the eRAD RIS system reporting module offers powerful report creation, including customizations and structured reports tied to the modality and procedure.

Radiology Reporting Features

RIS System | Radiology Reports

What if the system adapted to you, instead of the other way around? eRAD’s reporting flexibly corresponds to the way radiologists naturally work. Putting dictation, speech recognition and structured reports together with one-click signing alternatives (like self-edit or send to transcription), eRAD empowers radiologists to focus on clinical findings. Relevant priors and other patient data crucial to the read and report are found right on the screen, not on another system or another site.

Radiology Speech Recognition

In imaging and radiology practices nationwide, productivity, patient satisfaction and reimbursement are all closely tied to timely, accurate reports. Speech recognition technology drastically improves report generation workflow with faster turnaround and lower costs.

eRAD goes beyond conventional voice-to-text rendering to deliver true medical Speech Understanding. Powered by the M*Modal engine, an industry-leading speech technology, eRAD’s Speech Recognition enables users to dictate in a conversational tone. This provides confidence to radiologists and other users that the meaning and syntax of the dictation, not just word strings, will be captured.

Your profile is stored in the cloud, and so can be invoked at any workstation—no more thumb drives to manage. You get structured, clinically encoded, searchable and shareable reports, processed from any source—PCs, traditional phones, smartphones, dictation stations. A self-learning, radiology-specific lexicon improves with use, and you get a streamlined workflow.

Under the Hood

Built around the award winning M*Modal Speech Understanding engine, the eRAD RIS reporting module offers powerful customizable report creation, including structured reports tied to the modality and procedure.

RIS Reports support:

  • Dictation, batch recognition and full interactive mode.
  • Native report template and macro creation for reporting.
  • Xkeys integration.

Radiologists can scroll and dictate at the same time, self-edit, batch edit and attach key images directly into reports. M*Modal automates a radiologist’s standard syntaxes into a prepared clinical outline, so the radiologist can avoid long, slow, cumbersome dictation.

The report is formatted while the radiologist says as little as necessary. Structured reporting comes with user-defined macros. These can be mapped or associated to trigger by patient, facility, modality, body part, reading and/or referring MD. Users can easily voice navigate standard text blocks, numeric fields and pick lists with speed, accuracy and control. eRAD’s cloud server enables roaming profiles, so that users can access their profiles at login from anywhere.

“I started DAC Imaging in 2005 with hand-picked fellowship-trained radiologists, a networking engineer, an accountant, an attorney, a server, and eRAD. Over time, eRAD has proven to be an indispensable part of the team. The eRAD platform has grown with my business as I have added modalities, radiologists, imaging centers, and technologists. The addition of speech recognition has reduced report turn-around times and improved radiologist efficiency. The software is regularly updated and has proven to be a solid performer. The training and technical support teams are unparalleled. The web-centric eRAD architecture is designed for teleradiology… reporting, uploading outside CD’s, burning CD’s, attaching paperwork, and reviewing and printing reports can be accomplished at any PC, anywhere. eRAD is a company that truly understands the needs of radiologists.”
Dale Charletta, MD, Radiologist
“With as many as 20 remote sites sending us studies on a 24/7 basis, our workflow is complex and requires a certain degree of flexibility and the need to customize based on the institution. Not only did we find this capability in eRAD, but it also offered us lots of extra features. In addition to basic remote access, we got integrated report creation, dictation, transcription, speech recognition and distribution tools—which allows us to create and distribute medical reports with embedded key images to our referring physicians and institutions online in a secure manner.”
Ray House, M.D., President
“With eRAD RIS, I have amazing insight and control over what’s happening in our imaging centers. With its real-time reports and dashboards, I can see exactly what’s going on moment-by-moment, as well as take a look at the big picture. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, I can confidently make decisions that I know will substantively improve our business.”
Vickie Bedel, Vice President of Operations