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PACS-Driven Reporting & Speech

Reporting capabilities for PACS only installations.

eRAD’s dictation, transcription, speech recognition and report distribution capabilities are integrated directly into the eRAD PACS Viewer, eliminating the need for a dedicated RIS and accommodating those who prefer a PACS-driven workflow.

Often medical report creation is restricted to the domain of a RIS or dedicated third-party system.  eRAD’s dictation, transcription, speech recognition and report distribution capabilities are integrated directly into the eRAD PACS to accommodate those who do not have a dedicated RIS or who prefer a PACS-driven workflow. This benefits customers who seek a single worklist, viewer and reporting system to use across multiple disparate facilities. If the facility has no RIS, or if reads are from a single worklist for multiple facilities with disparate RIS, reporting cannot be RIS-dependent.

eRAD’s Viewer has integrated web-based report creation capabilities, for the advantages of a true PACS-driven workflow and the ability to read and report from anywhere with Internet connectivity. This enables true enterprise-wide reading and reporting across facilities without the need for VPNs, dedicated networks or third-party add-on applications.

eRAD’s integrated HL7 engine and supported API (Application Programming Interface) makes transferring the reports into third-party HIS/RIS/EMR systems a simple and automated task, based on pre-defined triggers in the PACS (i.e., Preliminary, Final, Addendum, etc.). Reports can be sent electronically via HL7 along with messages to change/update the status on the host system, or a hyperlink to the report can be returned so the report can be accessed online in its original format—complete with key images and annotations inserted into the report. Often this eliminates the need for a separate portal for viewing reports and images; typically it also provides a much richer experience for the referring physicians, as report formatting isn’t well supported during transmission of results via HL7.

PACS-Driven Speech Recognition Software | Under the Hood

Users can report using full interactive mode or—for those not ready to make the leap to self-editing—batch mode, where recognition is done in the background and sent to an editor for review.  Native report templates are provided, as well as macros for custom reports. 

eRAD’s Speech Recognition supports multiple input devices (such as Xkeys integration), allowing speechmike buttons and external keyboards to be mapped to user-defined commands.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow for a single view across all of our imaging sites. eRAD provides that along with easy access for our referring physicians. The integrated speech recognition and report delivery means our turnaround times are significantly reduced and patient care is greatly improved. The scalable solution allows us to grow as our demands change.”
Lester Lewis, MD, Vice President of Operations
“With as many as 20 remote sites sending us studies on a 24/7 basis, our workflow is complex and requires a certain degree of flexibility and the need to customize based on the institution. Not only did we find this capability in eRAD, but it also offered us lots of extra features. In addition to basic remote access, we got integrated report creation, dictation, transcription, speech recognition and distribution tools—which allows us to create and distribute medical reports with embedded key images to our referring physicians and institutions online in a secure manner.”
Ray House, M.D., President
“We needed a solution that could address our local market needs. eRAD adapted their available tools and translated the whole system to Brazilian Portuguese. Now we can connect and train a new customer in less than one hour. Because of that direct interaction, we can count on our customers to perform some steps that had been done by our internal team before.”
Felipe Morais, MD, Radiologist & Medical Director
“We had quite a list of criteria for our next system, and in our evaluation eRAD stood out as one of the few able to satisfy our needs. One of the biggest factors was that eRAD had previous interface experience with Athena, and they had the dictation, transcription and speech recognition built right into the PACS viewing software—so we didn’t have to purchase a third-party system and go to the trouble of integrating and supporting it.”
Martha Mastroberti, Manager

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