Simple, sophisticated, rules-based image delivery.

Images can be ready before you are. eRAD technology not only pre-fetches relevant priors from third-party systems, it can also pre-cache studies—pull certain studies for certain radiologists, according to customer rules and have them waiting at specified local workstations for faster access. With studies ready, eRAD keeps productivity high.

Workstation Pre-Fetch Features

Pre-fetching | PACS Server

eRAD goes beyond the standard pre-fetch of relevant priors based on patient name or MRN (medical record number). eRAD users can be very granular about which data is considered relevant and pull those priors from other PACS and third-party DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) archives.

Vendor-neutral pre-fetching means that radiologists not only get the best patient information quickly but also that expensive and time-consuming data migrations can be avoided. Data can simply be pre-fetched from a legacy system instead of migrated. The wait time for priors is slashed from hours or days to minutes. eRAD understands this is important to help radiologists focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Pre-caching | PACS Server

eRAD’s powerful and highly configurable rules engine allows users to pre-cache images to their local workstation in advance of reading. Without this PACS storage technology, images must be streamed in real time over the network. This isn’t always practical due to limitations in bandwidth, study size and volume.

Rules govern which radiologists get which studies from a PACS server. Those studies are sent to specified local workstations so that clinicians can begin reads immediately. The rules engine is easy to manage, and any conceivable rule can be created and changed without complexity.

Under the Hood | PACS Server

PACS Server | PACS System | PACS Software | eRAD PACS

  • Vendor-neutral pre-fetching.
    Data can be retrieved from other systems instead of migrated. The wait time for priors is slashed from hours or days to minutes, so radiologists can focus on patient care.
  • Sophisticated traffic control.
    eRAD employs sophisticated radiology software technology to ensure data is transferred securely, efficiently. and intelligently. eRAD radiology solutions are engineered by industry veterans who understand the importance of making data and images accessible wherever, whenever and however the enterprise requires.
  • Ready before you are.
    eRAD technology not only pre-fetches relevant priors from third-party systems or PACS servers, it can also pre-cache studies—pull certain studies for certain radiologists, according to custom rules and stage them on the local workstation in advance of reading. Physicians avoid slow streaming, and network performance increases.
  • Study data in the cloud.
    eRAD PACS cloud servers redirect access to locally hosted data, streamlining data transfers across the enterprise. Image data is distributed and accessed according to intelligent rules when it’s most efficient and necessary.

Workstation Pre-Fetch Benefits

Data is transferred securely—inside and outside the enterprise.
Users define when and how data is compressed, for the most efficient and streamlined transfer across the network from PACS servers.
Technology allows access to relevant priors from legacy systems and PACS servers without costly migrations.
It is easy to define and change rules to govern which studies are sent to which radiologists.
Legacy and non-compliant data can be managed and manipulated so all studies, independent of their source, are normalized.
Studies can be streamed real-time to avoid lengthy download times and workflow inefficiencies. eRAD’s radiology software technology and PACS server options are flexible to solve the unique requirements of practices and groups of all sizes.
Configure the system to provide access to images based on profiles that are tailored to a user’s preferences, specialty, schedule, location, etc.
“Columbia was interested in eRAD’s technology for many reasons. Easy, web-based access for both reading and referring physicians was a prerequisite. It was clear eRAD excelled in this area, but as we investigated their solution, we were impressed with innovative features like Mask Subtraction, which enables us to do Digital Subtraction Angiography.”
Carole Ann Norman, Practice Manager
“With as many as 20 remote sites sending us studies on a 24/7 basis, our workflow is complex and requires a certain degree of flexibility and the need to customize based on the institution. Not only did we find this capability in eRAD, but it also offered us lots of extra features. In addition to basic remote access, we got integrated report creation, dictation, transcription, speech recognition and distribution tools—which allows us to create and distribute medical reports with embedded key images to our referring physicians and institutions online in a secure manner.”
Ray House, M.D., President
“With eRAD RIS, I have amazing insight and control over what’s happening in our imaging centers. With its real-time reports and dashboards, I can see exactly what’s going on moment-by-moment, as well as take a look at the big picture. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, I can confidently make decisions that I know will substantively improve our business.”
Vickie Bedel, Vice President of Operations