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Intelligent Data Distribution

eRAD Child Servers provide fail-safe, faster connectivity in a distributed reading environment.

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Radiologists stationed in a distributed reading enterprise (reading from a global imaging worklist) must have fast access to studies acquired locally—without waiting for the entire study data to be transmitted to the central server. This is particularly important in settings where bandwidth is limited or unreliable and where the study size is large (such as acute care settings) or needs to be reviewed immediately upon acquisition.

eRAD Child Servers allow images acquired locally to be read and reported immediately—without sending the entire study data to the central server. eRAD’s study redirection workflow means that studies are accessed from the child server of the site where the study was acquired.

That child server holds a full copy of eRAD radiology software, so that the complete toolset—dictation, reporting, patient folders, protocols—is directly available. Even priors can be held at the child server.

Meanwhile, the metadata for the study (relatively small in comparison to the study data) is transmitted in near real-time to the global worklist for immediate knowledge of, and access to, the study by other remote sites. Eventually all study data can be propagated up to the central server for archiving and disaster recovery.

This radiology software architecture ensures that work continues even if connectivity to the parent/global worklist server is lost. If connectivity is broken between the remote site and the main server, users at the remote site can simply log directly onto the local child server and read and report until connectivity is restored. Then all study information, statuses, medical reports, etc. are automatically propagated up to the central server and reconciled with the main system.

Intelligent Study Redirection elegantly solves issues of latency and system redundancy in high-volume settings with network traffic. In addition, eRAD Child Servers perform all of the functions of an Integrated DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Gateway.

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  • Intelligent study redirection.

    Remote requests from a global worklist are redirected to the local child server if it contains the study, enabling the faster throughput that is critical for STAT and acute care exams. Even priors can reside on the child server for faster fetching.

  • Sophisticated traffic control.
    eRAD employs sophisticated radiology software technology to ensure data is transferred securely, efficiently and intelligently. We understand how important it is for data and images to be accessible wherever, whenever and however your enterprise requires.
  • Global worklist transparency.
    Remote activity on a child server is immediately communicated (via metadata) to the global worklist. This ensures local activity is recognized and usable by all immediately, even users on disparate systems.

  • Intelligent study handling.
    Radiologists stationed in a multi-site medical imaging center practice and/or disparate site enterprise have access to studies acquired locally—without waiting for the entire study data to be transmitted to the central server.
  • eRAD’s cloud hosting.
    eRAD’s cloud-based architecture makes it ideal for distributed sites and remote communication. Its web delivery means users can access applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Business continuity and system redundancy.
    Local server access allows complete image viewing and reporting if the parent server is down. Full study data is auto-reconciled with the central server when connectivity is restored, saving revenue and days of work each month.

Intelligent Data Distribution Benefits

Data is transferred securely—inside and outside the enterprise—without the need for a virtual private network (VPN).
Users define when and how data is compressed, for efficient and streamlined transfer across the network with eRAD’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and eRAD’s radiology information system (RIS).
Remote medical imaging center or reading locations with unstable bandwidth still get their data. Missing data is retransmitted until all data is confirmed as received with eRAD radiology software.
Studies and workflow are governed by a common worklist, shared throughout the enterprise.
Radiology software technology allows access to relevant priors from legacy systems without costly migrations.
It is easy to define and change rules to govern which studies are sent to which radiologists.
Legacy and non-compliant data can be managed and manipulated so studies, independent of their source, are normalized.
Studies can be streamed real-time to avoid lengthy download times and workflow inefficiencies.
Configure the system to provide access to images based on profiles that are tailored to a user’s preferences, specialty, schedule, location, etc.
“Having a need to replace our current system, we evaluated several RIS/PACS available. We were focused on finding a system that was integrated, web-based, streamlined workflow, and extremely user friendly in order to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, we wanted to provide remote viewing capabilities to our referring physicians in order for them to have immediate access to patient images and reports. We selected eRAD based on the comprehensive nature of their product. Our system has been well received by our referring physicians and it has made a direct impact in our referral patterns. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable tool in enhancing our business.”
Joseph Galazin, Owner & CEO
“With as many as 20 remote sites sending us studies on a 24/7 basis, our workflow is complex and requires a certain degree of flexibility and the need to customize based on the institution. Not only did we find this capability in eRAD, but it also offered us lots of extra features. In addition to basic remote access, we got integrated report creation, dictation, transcription, speech recognition and distribution tools—which allows us to create and distribute medical reports with embedded key images to our referring physicians and institutions online in a secure manner.”
Ray House, M.D., President
“With eRAD RIS, I have amazing insight and control over what’s happening in our imaging centers. With its real-time reports and dashboards, I can see exactly what’s going on moment-by-moment, as well as take a look at the big picture. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, I can confidently make decisions that I know will substantively improve our business.”
Vickie Bedel, Vice President of Operations

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