eRAD dynamically automates the business and clinical workflow of medical imaging.

eRAD is designed to meet the needs of imaging centers, hospitals, radiologists and reading groups who require access to image studies sent from a variety of remote image-capture sites, and timely, reliable reading and reporting services from remote and distributed locations. The eRAD workflow solution is flexible enough to address diverse clinical and business environments, without forcing you into a wrong-size implementation.

Teleradiology Providers

PACS Radiology Software | Teleradiology PACS Providers | eRAD PACS RIS Software

Teleradiology service providers depend on stable, secure connections to produce the best clinical results for their clients. The complexity of managing data and tools from multiple systems can be a barrier to productivity, which affects not only business growth but also patient care.

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Specialty Reading Groups

PACS Radiology Software | Radiology Speciality PACS Providers | eRAD PACS RIS Software

Technology bottlenecks directly affect the bottom line of a practice, as well as relationships with referring physicians.

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Outpatient Imaging Centers

PACS Radiology Software | PACS Providers | Outpatient Imaging Centers | eRAD

From the physician order to reporting to patient follow-up, the eRAD platform handles all aspects of the clinical and business workflow for imaging centers.

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Multi-Speciality Group Practices

Radiology Multi-Specialty Group | PACS Radiology Software | eRAD PACS RIS Solutions

eRAD technology enables multi-specialty group practices to focus on the growth of the business.

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Community Hospitals

Hospital PACS | PACS Radiology Software | eRAD PACS System Software Solutions

The eRAD solution is flexible, with a scalable architecture and technology that optimizes existing resources.

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“Within 24 hours of implementing eRAD, our report turnaround time was cut in half, at least. All of our doctors were self-signing by the end of the first day.”
Brian Huff, IT Director, Southeastern Overread